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We are therapeutic Myomassologist and Natural Health Professionals. Our aim is to get your relaxed and then restored. Our purpose is to aid you in recovery, restoration, and maintenance. We aid the whole person from our scope of practice. The areas we utilize are Body Work modalities and Herbal Science. We believe that the body can restore with effective time, effort, nutrition, rest, and happiness. We aim to aid you in restoring balance in your life. 

We do not prescribe nor suggest inorganic substances or drugs of any kind. We utilize what the earth produces and teach each client how to use what is natural to clean and restore.

Dr N. Sala Scruggs

A graduate of Cass Technical High School of Detroit, Michigan; studied at GMI Engineering and Management Institute, University of Michigan, and Irene's Myomassology. Also studied at Michigan Institute of Natural Health for Herbal Extract Specialist, Master Herbalism, Dry Blood Analyst, and Doctorate of Herbalism and Naturopathic Medicine. Attended Upledger Institute for Cranial Sacral Therapies. NCBTMB Certified and previous ABMP member. 

We will always will add education, expanding our tool boxed to be equipped with aiding you in recovery and restoration. We believe in an integrated and wholistic approach to restoring health. We work with the body and not against the body, we are Vitalist! 

When you take the step to allow us to serve you, that is what we will do .. SERVE YOU .. the whole person.

Thank you for allowing us to service you and for your patronage.